Our Story

We have inherited our identity today from those who have labored here before. Our vision for the future in the city of Massillon was formed by how God has worked through the church in years past.

The Beginnings

The roots of First Baptist go all the way back to the 1890s. A small group of Christians from the Massillon area were meeting weekly at various locations around the city. In early 1899 they decided to formally organize into a church. The name came in 1920 and the church has shifted and adapted into modernity through the Great Depression, World War II, and continued to navigate history.

The Building

FBC Massillon purchased the Fox Mansion in 1945 and renovated it into the church it is today. During periods of renovation they worshiped in the Carriage House, which has today itself been renovated into a smaller venue perfectly suited for more laid back, house-style worship. The history of the mansion, combined with the classic tradition of the sanctuary, makes for a beautiful blend of architecture, a reflection of God's timeless creativity.

The City

Our church is itself a piece of Massillon history, but our mission is also rooted in the present and future. We love being a part of the city, in the heart of the historic Wellman Neighborhood. Through initiatives like IMPACT Massillon, we aim to share God’s love in the city and for the city.

Your Story

You have a place at FBC because you have a place in the kingdom of God. We believe God has made you, specifically you, with a purpose and with love. We know that no one has it all figured out and through our weekly worship and our connection with others in the community, we strive to do nothing more than find out a little bit more of God’s plan for us. The table is set and there is a chair for you, just as you are, a beloved child of God. We would love to hear your story.